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Kempo Newaza 

The definition of Kempo is "Fist Method"... the definition of Newaza is "Ground Fighting".  What makes this style unique is Kempo Karate - which employs low kicks, vast hand movements, angles, multiple strikes, tuite jitsu (stand up grappling much like small circle jiu jitsu) and various striking techniques designed for life protection, not sport, with combat Brazilian jiu jitsu.

What makes this extraordinary is that in most cases, a stand-up or karate fighter can find themselves on the ground and become lost, which leads to defeat no matter how many years of study.  It is simple to merely say "I won't go to the ground" only to find yourself in an uncompromising unexpected position. Dennis J. Melone has a quote that states, "In a true self-defense, you must be able to walk alongside lions and swim alongside sharks."

Kempo Newaza is instructed by Rokudan Shin Shu Ho Taika Oyata Blackbelt, Dennis J. Melone.  To study similarities between the two arts make an extremely interesting science.  Make no mistake, this is a very technical thinking man's art.  Patience and perfect practice are required.  You will be on your own journey with the help of others.  The lifestyle benefits are immeasurable. Perfect for men and women, adults of all ages, 16 and above.

Kids' Karate Newaza, ages 4-15, are taught the basics to building a strong foundation.  Fun and exercise, confidence, discipline and self-defense are just some of the amazing benefits gained in this program.

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